Our March event focuses on mining! Go figure! We're going back to the basics this month and focusing back on
Thanksgiving is coming - and we have another collection event to celebrate! This time we need to help preparing a
harvest scythe
Fall is finally here - and so is a new event on Minecraftlovers! From September 24 - October 16 we
March Mining Madness is over! We had 12 total winners, 8 of whom earned the top prizes of the EnderWrecker
March is here, which can only mean one thing - the return of March Mining Madness! This year the end
February 2022 is almost here - just in time for a Valentine's Event! This is the first major event since
The new world is here for 1.18! Builds from the old world can be transferred to the new one at
Skyblock is coming back - with a vengeance! The server is currently looking for beta testers for a whole new
We're going to build a new spawn town, and need your input! Fill out our poll to let us know
Its plugin update time - and this time back to basics! We have spent the last several months testing out