March Mining Madness 4: Ender’s Revenge!

March is here, which can only mean one thing – the return of March Mining Madness! This year the end is back and begging for us to mine it down a peg or two.

The first objective of Mining Madness is to completely remove the center island of the End so we can build up our own End Spawn area. However, the entire End is ripe for the taking! This year’s event lasts March 3 – March 31, 2022.

Players who mine at least 100,000 stone during the duration of the event will earn the unbreakable EnderWrecker pickaxe – super efficient, with Silk touch!

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Players who mine at least 300,000 stone will earn an even better reward!

For the duration of the event, End Stone also grants 10x MCMMO mining xp!

So dust off those pickaxes, load up your trusty beacon (or pile of potions) and head on over to The End to get mining!