harvest festival

Thanksgiving 2023 – Harvest Festival!

November is here, which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Help get Thanksgiving Dinner ready to earn some Enchanted Golden Apples. The Thanksgiving Trader is back at spawn to collect all of your ingredients!

How It Works

Help the new Thanksgiving Trader at spawn get everything ready for a delicious Thanksgiving Feast! A full meal has three parts:

  1. Main Dish– A stack of Cooked Chickens
  2. Side Dishes – Either a stack of Baked Potato or Bread
  3. Dessert – A stack of Pumpkin Pie

To earn your Enchanted Golden Apple, buy a token for each part of the meal! You will combine your Main Dish and Side Dishes to make the Main Course, and then combine that with your Dessert for a Full Meal. Since we are cooking for a group, you will need 8 Full Meals to earn each Enchanted Golden Apple!

More To Love

Besides the return of the Thanksgiving Trader, this November has three new bonuses as well. These are permanent (not ending with the Event):

  1. We’ve added a new plugin to give more information on villagers! Hold shift and right-click a villager to see things like their current sentiment towards you, how much food they are holding, and more.
  2. New Potion added – “Gift of Gab”. This will give you the Hero of the Village status for 90 seconds. The potion is brewed by adding an Emerald to an Awkward potion – but is only available for players with an McMMO Alchemy level of 350 and up. So get to brewing, or using the McMMO Token Traders to earn your alchemy!
  3. The Halloween Trader has decided to make a permanent home at Spawn – so you will be able to buy Gilded Blackstone, Reinforced Deepslate, and Echo Shards going forward. He has changed his name to the “Nether Crafter”.