February Events – Build Contest and Cupid’s Arrow!

February 2022 is almost here – just in time for a Valentine’s Event!

This is the first major event since our transition to 1.18, and consists of two parts:

Build Contest – Trading Post

First up, the BoonDollar Traders have returned to spawn! This means the boondollars you have been accumulating can now be spent once again. The traders have different offerings than the last world.

  1. Boon Exchange: This villager will convert your BoonDollars to BoonBucks (100 dollars to a buck), and BoonBucks to BoonBonds (100 bucks to a bond) – and convert back. Great way to save space!
  2. Aquatic Trader. This trader will trade your BoonDollars for rare aquatic items, including tridents, sponges, and coral blocks. No need to break up precious coral reefs!
  3. Excavation Trader. Boondollars are earned through excavation (digging up dirt, gravel sand, and other shovel blocks). However, if you are in dire need of some extra blocks, the Excavation Trader has you covered! He will sell dirt, sand, gravel, soul sand, soul soil, and red sand in exchange for BoonDollars.

However, these traders are currently residing in a pretty sad shack and need a permanent home. The first build contest of 2022 is building a Trading Post for the traders!

Build Contest Rules and Prizes

This build contest is to build a new trading post. To participate, your build must have a maximum size of 25 wide, 25 tall (including basement), and 25 wide. It must have places for up to 10 traders to stand and offer their trades.

Submissions are due by the end of the day on February 28. You can build your submission anywhere – when ready, post a screenshot of your build in the “Screenshots” channel of the MCL discord (if you do not have discord, contact any staff member to have it posted for you).

We will post a poll on the MCL website and discord with all submissions to vote for a winner, to be selected on March 8. The winning build will be moved to Spawn, and the winner will receive a special unbreakable bow with Power 6, Infinity, Flame, and Punch 2.

Cupid’s Arrow

Through Valentine’s Day, the traders at spawn are joined by a new special trader – Cupid himself! Cupid sells special Cupid’s Arrows – special tipped arrows granting extra hearts, instant health, and regeneration to whoever it hits!

Cupid sells arrows, but in the spirt of Valentine’s Day he also buys roses – a dozen roses for a boondollar!

Other Updates

With this latest update, there are some other important changes that have been implemented on MineCraftLovers:

  1. Render distance reduced. Several players have reported timeout issues when logging in. Based on the errors, the clients are timing out due to too much data being sent on login. We have changed some of the network settings and reduced the render distance slightly to help solve this problem.
  2. MCMMO Excavation Revamp. All “junk” treasures have been removed from MCMMO. Instead, dirt, sand, soul sand, soul soil, gravel, and soul sand may drop additional units of itself, with the chance increasing as your MCMMO level of excavation increases. Glowstone dust, diamonds, and wither skulls are still possible drops.

That’s it for now – happy building!