Skyblock is coming back - with a vengeance! The server is currently looking for beta testers for a whole new
We're going to build a new spawn town, and need your input! Fill out our poll to let us know
Its plugin update time - and this time back to basics! We have spent the last several months testing out
March Mining Madness is back this year! The first edition Cracked the Nether to build a Wither farm. Last year
The rumors are true, we're doing a major server reset! A whole new World, Nether, End, and Ether are coming
Mother's day is here, which means it is time to collect a floral bouquet as a lovely gift! From now
Phase 2 - Layout The End Dimension gets its hub. The End Dimension gets its hub. We need your help
The Dig March Mining Madness is back this year, watch your step as we remove the entire end island! Players
Ever wonder what liquid cake taste like? Grab yourself a brewing stand and find out! For the rest of this
Build Contest this month consists of 3 MORE builds for spawn: Voting Starts on 3/6/2020 and ends on 3/20/2020 Nether Portal & Major Player Builds/Town WarpsPrep for