Halloween 2023 – Gilded and Re-enforced!

Hey everybody, a quick new trading event for this Halloween!

From now through October 31, players can make three special trades at spawn – including never-before-obtainable Reinforced Deepslate!

  • Trade 64 Blackstone Bricks, 64 Gold Nuggets, and 64 Boondollars to get 16 Gilded Blackstone
  • Trade 64 Deepslate, 64 Iron Nuggets, and 64 Boondollars to get 1 Reinforced Deepslate
  • And trade 64 Phantom Membranes to get an elusive Echo Shard!

To make these trades, visit the Trader Hut right outside Spawn!

Happy trading, and happy Halloween! Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving Event, starting in November!