harvest scythe

Fall 2022 Harvest Event!

Fall is finally here – and so is a new event on Minecraftlovers!

From September 24 – October 16 we will be holding a Harvest Event, with custom equipment as rewards! Get out your farming hat and help bring in this year’s wheat harvest, with an awesome unbreakable scythe as a reward!

How To Participate

For the three weeks of the event, there will be a new villager trader at the Spawn trader hut – the Harvest Trader!

This handsome devil has two trades:

  • 64 Hay Bales for a Harvest Token
  • 64 Harvest Tokens for a Harvest Scythe

The Harvest Scythe is a unique piece of equipment – an unbreakable diamond hoe with two enchantments that are normally impossible to obtain: Fortune 2, which will multiply the drops you get from farming (extra seeds from wheat and beets, or extra potatoes and carrots), and Sharpness 5, turning your garden hoe into a deadly scythe in a pinch!

The Harvest Scythe is available during the harvest event only, so get to reaping your wheat to get yours soon!