Server Info

More information about the server, for those who are interested!


We support voting, which supports us! Once you join the server, use the command /vote to get the list of the sites where we are listed. You can vote at each once per day, and we give some great rewards for voting!

Vote Rewards:

  • 1 Iron and Gold Nugget with every vote, in addition to 2 Gold Ingots and 3 Diamonds if you vote on all sites
  • 5 Votes within 1 week: 3 Diamonds
  • 10 Votes within 1 week: 1 Nautilus Shell
  • 15 Votes within 1 week: 1 Wither Skull
  • 20 Votes within 1 week: 1 Trident
  • 25 Votes within 1 week: 1 unrepairable Iron Sword, with Sharpness VII, Looting V, and Curse of Vanishing
  • 30 Votes within 1 week: 1 Totem of Undying


You can set a custom nickname on the server, including colors!

All players are welcome to use the /nick command, to colour their usernames and choose a custom name. You can also use formatting codes to set colors. The list of available colors are:
Code Name
&0 Black
&1 Dark Blue
&2 Dark Green
&3 Dark Aqua
&4 Dark Red
&5 Dark Purple
&6 Gold
&7 Gray
&8 Dark Gray
&9 Blue
&a Green
&b Aqua
&c Red
&d Light Purple
&e Yellow
&f White
An example of the syntax would be /nick &6v&2Quavelen. That makes the name look like this:

Other Useful Commands

  • /sethome – This will let you set a home. If your permissions allow more than one home, you can set different names (such as /sethome base, /sethome mine, ect)
  • /home – This will let you return to a home you previously set
  • /spawn – This returns you to spawn
  • /mcmmo – This gives help on using the MCMMO skills
  • /tpa – Used to request to teleport to any other player. For example, /tpa aegisjester will send a request to the player aegisjester – if accepted, you will teleport to them.
  • /tpahere – Used to request another player teleport to you. For example, /tpahere aegisjester will ask the player aegisjester to teleport to you. If accepted, they will appear at your side.
  • /back – Return to the last place you were before teleporting. This also works to return you to the place where you died after respawning

You may view the full list of our plugins, here.



The longer you are part of the server, the better it gets! Just keep playing, and you will rank up over time. Current ranks include:


Default rank when you first sign in. You have access to set 2 /homes right off the bat, plus the commands above.


Level up to Pro rank 1 month after you first sign on. This will grant you another /home.


Keep playing for 6 months to upgrade to Veteran! Your extra experience gets you:

  • Five homes
  • The /workbench command (can be used as /wb)
  • The /condense command, to automatically convert materials into a block


Prime members have stuck around for a full year, and get some neat perks to show for it! Leveling up to Prime gets you:

  • A full 10 /homes
  • You can fly in the regular world (not the nether or end)
  • Access your enderchest anywhere other than skyblock with the /enderchest command (can be used as /ec)
  • Feed yourself without food with the /feed command
  • Set markers on the dynmap to highlight your awesome builds (ask for help in discord if needed)
  • Access to the creative world, with /warp creative



You can also complete various challenges throughout the server for permanent rewards too! Click Here for the current list of Challenges