Server Info

More information about the server, for those who are interested!


We support voting, which supports us! Once you join the server, use the command “/vote all” to get the list of the sites where we are listed, or view them here:

You can vote at each once per day.

Vote Rewards:

  • As of right now, players only receive ten Boondollars per vote.


You can set a custom nickname on the server, including colors!

All players are welcome to use the /nick command, to colour their usernames and choose a custom name. You can also use formatting codes to set colors. The list of available colors are:
Code Name
&0 Black
&1 Dark Blue
&2 Dark Green
&3 Dark Aqua
&4 Dark Red
&5 Dark Purple
&6 Gold
&7 Gray
&8 Dark Gray
&9 Blue
&a Green
&b Aqua
&c Red
&d Light Purple
&e Yellow
&f White
An example of the syntax would be /nick &6v&2Quavelen. That makes the name look like this:

Other Useful Commands

  • /sethome <home_name> – This will let you set a home. You can set different names, such as /sethome base, /sethome mine, ect. Keep in mind that if you do not specify a name, it will default to being called “home”. As such, you’d teleport to it via “/home home”. If using a space, an underscore must be used.
  • /home <home_name> – This will let you return to a home you previously set.
  • /delhome <home_name> – This deletes a home you previously set.
  • /spawn – This returns you to spawn.
  • /mcmmo – This gives help on using the mcMMO skills.
  • /tpa – Used to request to teleport to any other player. For example, /tpa aegisjester will send a request to the player aegisjester – if accepted, you will teleport to them.
  • /tpahere – Used to request another player teleport to you. For example, /tpahere aegisjester will ask the player aegisjester to teleport to you. If accepted, they will appear on the block where you sent the request.
  • /back – Return to the last place you were before teleporting. This also works to return you to the place where you died after respawning.
  • /condense – Will convert any raw materials within your inventory to their block form, if they have one. E.g., redstone dust to redstone blocks. This command uses the same amount of raw materials as if you were using a crafting table.
  • /workbench (/wb) – This is essentially a mobile crafting table, which simply opens a crafting able interface wherever you use it.
  • /tps – If you were ever curious about the server’s performance, this will display the ticks per second across a few time periods as well as the server’s cpu usage.
  • /co i – When you suspect someone has griefed you, or stolen from you, use this command to verify that. It acts as a toggle (type it again to turn it off), which enables different functions for right and left clicking. Right clicking on a chest shows item withdrawal, and item deposit transactions for that chest, and if right clicking on a block, it shows what happened in that area around the block. E.g., mob deaths. Left clicking on anything will show who or what broke something on that specific coordinate.
  • /warp <warp_name> – Whilst we allow players to use warps, we do not allow players to list existing warps. You will be able to directly teleport to a warp, if you know the name of it. Public warps are typically displayed somewhere for all to see.
  • /msg <username> <text> – As this is a vanilla command, you should know this one. It allows you to privately message a player who is currently online.
  • /r <text> – When privately messaging someone, you can use this command without their username to quickly respond to them. It sends a message to the last person who you sent a message to.
  • /ignore <username> – If someone is ever bothering you in chat, you can use this to block any further chat from them.
  • /mail – This allows you to send a message to someone who is currently offline, and to read any messages which were sent to you when you were offline.
  • /realname <username> – In case someone’s nickname caused you to not know who they were, you can use this command to see what their unnicked username is. However, a person’s real username is also displayed via the /list command.
  • /list – This command displays all currently online users, similar to the tab list. What’s different about this one, is that it also displays user’s ranks as well as their nickname and real username.

You may view the full list of our plugins, here.


We only have two ranks for players, but in the past we had more. The decision to remove all but two was made to reduce the load on staff. All prior ranks were time-based, like the two remaining.


Default rank when you first sign in. You have access to set five /sethomes right off the bat, plus the commands above.


Prime members have stuck around for a full year, and get some neat perks to show for it! Leveling up to Prime gets you:

  • /sethome <home_name> – Same as above, just increased to a maximum of ten homes.
  • /fly – You can fly in the regular world (not the nether or end).
  • /enderchest (/ec) – Access your enderchest anywhere other than skyblock with the this command.
  • /feed – Feed yourself without food.
  • /dmarker – Set markers on the dynmap to highlight your awesome builds (ask for help in discord if needed).
  • /tprandom (/tpr) – Feeling like exploring, but you don’t want to walk, fly, boat, or ride the distance? Use this command to be randomly teleported anywhere within the Overworld from negative 31 million, to positive 31 million on the coordinates. (Using it in the End, or Nether will send you randomly within those coordinates in the Overworld instead.)


You can also complete various challenges throughout the server for permanent rewards too! Click Here for the current list of Challenges