Thanksgiving Event – Making Dinner!

Thanksgiving is coming – and we have another collection event to celebrate!

This time we need to help preparing a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner! By helping get everything ready, you have a shot to earn some Enchanted Golden Apples!

How It Works

Help the new Thanksgiving Trader at spawn get everything ready for a delicious Thanksgiving Feast! A full meal has three parts:

  1. Main Dish– A stack of Cooked Chickens
  2. Side DishesEither a stack of Baked Potato or Bread
  3. Dessert – A stack of Pumpkin Pie

To earn your Enchanted Golden Apple, buy a token for each part of the meal! You will combine your Main Dish and Side Dishes to make the Main Course, and then combine that with your Dessert for a Full Meal. Since we are cooking for a group, you will need 8 Full Meals to earn each Enchanted Golden Apple!

This event will be open through November 26!

Happy Feasting!