Spooktober Event

It’s that time of year again, Spooky Season, to celebrate we have an exciting event this month

Special drops from MCMMO Excavation when shoveling up dirt.

Who knows, you might even unearth the dead!

Keep track of your Grave digging progress by pressing TAB, and when you have shoveled your way through 100,000+ dirt blocks visit spawn to trade some dirty points for unique items!

  • 100,000 Points / Now 75,000 Points = Unbreakable Diamond Shovel
  • 250,000 Points / Now 150,000 Points = Unbreakable Diamond Shovel
    • Efficiency V
    • Fortune III
    • Silk Touch
  • 500,000 Points / Now 250,000 Points = Unbreakable Diamond Shovel
    • Efficiency VII
    • Fortune V
    • Silk Touch

If that sounds to back breaking, then visit the Spooktober Salesmen who is trading some very special haunted items!

Special thanks to Skwishie, Taxess, and others for coming up with ideas

Now get out there and dig some dirt!

Filling Up Spawn!

Build Contest this month consists of 3 builds for spawn:

Voting Starts on 10/30/2019 and ends on 11/8/2019

  • Post Office / Mail Room
    • Used To drop off items to players or to spread the news of a new sale at a shop!
  • Statue / Decorations
    • Some Art is always nice!
  • Crafting / Repair building
    • with space for Free Items and a build request board
    • A place for players to repair and craft items, as well as give items they no longer need.
    • One mans trash is another treasure after all!

This Month the builds have a bit more restrictions then normal so pay close attention. And if you have questions @Slice0024 in discord.

As always, do not construct your builds at spawn, but instead in another location. Once complete reply to the post on the website with coordinates.

Post Office / Mail Room

  • Must fit inside the Pink highlighted area
    • With a 2 block allowance for overhangs
  • No greater than 16 blocks Tall
  • Built to be expandable downward underground for new players
  • 2 Entrances ways marked in blue

Statue / Decorations

  • Must fit inside the Green highlighted area
    • With a 2 block allowance for overhangs
  • No greater than 20 blocks Tall
  • Nothing Vulgar

Crafting / Repair building

  • Must fit inside the Orange highlighted area
    • With a 2 block allowance for overhangs
  • No greater than 16 blocks Tall
  • 1 Entrances way marked in blue Required, more can be added if needed
  • Must contain:
    • Crafting bench
    • Gold Block
    • Iron Block
    • Chest for FREE items
    • Flat Board for build requests / Drop Box / Lectern

Rewards you ask? Well that my friend is a mystery this month!

Good Luck everyone, Lets make Spawn something we can be proud of!!!!

Spawn Chunk … Chunk! Build Event – September

/spawn needs your help! We need something to spice up the center of spawn, that’s where you come in!

  • Maximum Build Size: 15×15 (max 30 tall/deep)
  • Required Features: 4 Exits North South East & West
    • Open Air Roof (must have skylight access at lease 5×5 in the center)
    • Must have space for a 5×5 wall map
  • Due Date: September 17, Voting from September 18 – September 30
  • Prizes: Hunters Mark Bow + Chest Full of Skulker Boxes (27)
    • Power 5
    • Punch 2
    • Flame 1
    • Mending
    • Infinity
    • Looting II

As always, submissions need to be made by leaving the coordinates as a comment on this post!

Happy Building!

New Spawn

New Spawn!

Spawn had a rough transition from 1.13 to 1.14, with a lot of shops getting destroyed. To celebrate the final transition to 1.14.2, we are packing up and moving away!

The new spawn is northwest of the old one, on a large continent of forests and plains. As part of the transition, you can have your old shop moved to the new spawn – just tell us where the old one is and where the new one should go!

You can find the backup of spawn before the 1.14 transition at /warp backup, or to the more recent version at /warp oldspawn to find your old build. Of course, we highly encourage you to build from scratch to celebrate the new city!

Note: you can only build 60 blocks away from the spawn point. Any close is reserved for public builds!

Mother’s Day Event

Mother’s Day is coming up, and what better gift than flowers?

Until May 12, all players receive 5x Herbalism XP when collecting flowers! Better yet, we want to put together a beautiful bouquet on Mother’s Day, so get rewarded for doing your part!


Collect 1 stack each of the following flowers:

  • Dandelion
  • Poppy
  • Blue Orchid
  • Allium
  • Lilac
  • Rose
  • Peony
  • Oxeye Daisy
  • Azure Bluet
  • Sunflower
  • Tulip
  • Cornflower


Every player that collects a stack of each of these flowers will receive a Floral Crown – an unbreakable chain helmet with the following enchantments:

  • Protection 5
  • Fire Protection 4
  • Blast Protection 4
  • Respiration 3
  • Aqua Affinity

Happy hunting!

Vanilla Flavor Blast!

1.14 is here, and we can’t want to jump in! For the next week, we’re getting back to the basics and giving pure vanilla gameplay. No plugins, no /back, just classic Minecraft!

We will get the plugins back as soon as Spigot is stable, but in the meantime have fun connecting with your Minecraft roots!

April Treasure Hunt!

From the start of the server, there has been a forbidden region north of Spawn walled off by a mysterious barrier:

The barrier has just disappeared, revealing a treasure hunt for the top 17 miners from the March Mining Madness event!

If you were in the top 17 miners (aegisjester – The_Real_Lego), visit the mail room at Spawn – you will find your treasure map leading you to your event reward! WARNING: your “X” will disappear when you get close to your site, so remember it well!

Happy digging!


April 2019 Build Contest: Nether Portal!

April is finally here, and its time for a new build contest!

This month, we are looking to build a new Nether Portal building at spawn. This will take players to the Nether Hub, but it also needs to have a warp point for future events.

  • Maximum Build Size: 12 x 12 x 15 tall, 15 deep
  • Required Features: Nether Portal, area for warp sign(s)
  • Due Date: April 15, with voting from April 16 – April 28
  • Prizes: 1 Shulker Box of Blaze Rods, 1 Shulker Box of Obsidian, 1 Trident with Sharpness 5, Looting 3, Loyalty 3, Unbreaking 3, Channeling, and Mending

As always, submissions need to be made by leaving the coordinates as a comment on this post, or by posting them to our official forum thread on minecraftforums.

Happy Building!

March Mining Madness!

Our March event focuses on mining! Go figure! We are currently working on a new Wither Skeleton Farm in the Nether, which requires a HUGE excavation.

To get things moving along, we are offering up 4x mining XP for Netherrack for the month of March. If you want to get in on the action, break out your fanciest pickaxe, and head to the “Wither Dig” warp at spawn to get in on the action! This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the SkillSwap to build levels on other skills too!

For the duration of the event, the tab scoreboard will also keep a tally of how much Netherrack you’ve mined – so keep it up!

Event Details

Dates: March 2 – March 31 2019

Details: Earn 4x MCMMO mining XP from Netherrack. Digging at the Wither Farm excavation site is encouraged. You can find a warp to the Dig Site near the Skyblock warp at Spawn.

Top Miners

  1. 1,554,820: aegisjester
  2. 1,378,378: AlmostId
  3. 697,316: Slice0024
  4. 501,631: GoatStriptease
  5. 379,387: Taxess
  6. 354,521: secretlondon
  7. 304,398: Jax_The_Bird
  8. 285,378: MDDan
  9. 212,243: Aezuh
  10. 201,396: DirtyEl
  11. 175,675: Nargle
  12. 175,573: Samarkand88
  13. 169,244: VeraDra
  14. 162,642: Twistminded
  15. 156,845: Quavelen
  16. 134,894: nebbiebby
    Honorable Mention: 107,351: TheReal_Lego