November Build Contest – Shop!

November is here, with everyone thinking of one big event- Black Friday!

To get ready for the holiday shopping season, we’re holding our next build contest – shops!

Players are asked to build a new shop, max size 15 blocks tall, deep, long, and wide for the building, plus 5 blocks tall, deep, long, and wide for landscaping on each side (so a total max size of 25 blocks).

ALL build entries will be moved to spawn as part of the new shopping district, so your shop also needs to be selling something!

We also have more in store for the winner:

Prizes: The winning builder (by popular vote) will receive

  • 32 Diamond Blocks
  • 64 Emerald Blocks
  • 1 Beacon
  • Iron Pickaxe with Fortune 5
  • Diamond Axe with Efficiency 7 and Unbreaking 5


Entries are due November 16, 2018! Post your coordinates here or on the forums to enter.

Halloween 2018 – Watch Your Back!

Halloween is here, and so is our 2018 Halloween Event!

From October 21 – 31, you will notice some spooky, scary changes across the server!

This is a PVP Event – Running For 10 Days

Something is in the air causing players to see the red mist – for the duration of the event, killing another player will drop their head!

However, players won’t stay dead for long – getting killed will NOT drop your inventory, and you will find yourself risen in the new MineCraftLovers Graveyard (built by our October build contest winner, Buncat)!

Our scoreboard is also getting a change – instead of your own deaths, we are now tracking how many players you’ve killed! The player with the most kills at the end of Halloween will win our Killer Prize Pack:

  • 5 Wither Skeleton Skulls
  • 5 Skeleton Skulls
  • 5 Zombie Skulls
  • 5 Blaze Skulls
  • 5 Slime Skulls
  • 5 Pig Zombie Skulls
  • 5 Spider Skulls
  • 5 Creeper Skulls
  • 5 Enderman Skulls
  • 5 Golem Skulls
  • 5 Ghast Skulls
  • 5 Cave Spider Skulls
  • 5 Coconut Skulls

Event Summary

Dates: October 21 – 31, 2018

Rules: Kill as many other players as possible

Awards: Skull of every player you kill, plus Killer Prize Pack (5 of every hostile skull, plus coconuts)

Perks: Players keep inventory on death, players respawn in Graveyard, suggested Halloween texture pack for hostile mobs

October Build Contest

To get ready for Halloween, we are holding a build contest! Everyone is invited to participate!

This month, we are looking for a 45×45 build of a Graveyard. The winner will be voted on October 15 – the winning build will be moved to spawn, and used as part of our Halloween event!

Prize: The winning builder will receive one of:

  • A beacon with 64 emerald blocks and 10 diamond blocks
  • A bow with both the Mending and Looting 3 enchantments
  • A Trident with Mending, Looting 3, Sharpness 5, and Fire Aspect 2 enchantments

The entries are in, you can see them here: