Winterland Build Event

It’s that time of the year when theirs holiday cheer,
Come one, Come all, to this year’s event free for all!

/Warp to Winterland and build something festive!
No set build or layout (above is just an example)
With the exception of the blue circle, reserved for the community tree/present area
Built whatever you desire that fits the holiday season.

The Top 3 Builds, as voted on by the community after the new year, will be awarded a special prize along with some unique presents:

• Vex Spawn Egg X 10
• Polar Bear Spawn Egg X5
• White Fox Spawn Egg X3
• Wandering Trader Spawn Egg X2
• Shulker Of Blue Ice X1
• Shulker Of Packed Ice X2
• Shulker Of Ice X3
• Shulker Of Snow X4
• Shulker Of Snow Balls X5
• Mystery Gift(s) X ???

For everyone else who builds something of note (AKA not a dirt hut):

• White Fox Spawn Egg X1
• Polar Bear Spawn Egg X1
• Vex Spawn Egg X 1
• Shulker with Blue,Packed,Normal & ice, Snow & Snowballs X1
• Mystery Gift X(s) ???

Have A wonderful Holidays Everyone!

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