Spooktober Event

It’s that time of year again, Spooky Season, to celebrate we have an exciting event this month

Special drops from MCMMO Excavation when shoveling up dirt.

Who knows, you might even unearth the dead!

Keep track of your Grave digging progress by pressing TAB, and when you have shoveled your way through 100,000+ dirt blocks visit spawn to trade some dirty points for unique items!

  • 100,000 Points / Now 75,000 Points = Unbreakable Diamond Shovel
  • 250,000 Points / Now 150,000 Points = Unbreakable Diamond Shovel
    • Efficiency V
    • Fortune III
    • Silk Touch
  • 500,000 Points / Now 250,000 Points = Unbreakable Diamond Shovel
    • Efficiency VII
    • Fortune V
    • Silk Touch

If that sounds to back breaking, then visit the Spooktober Salesmen who is trading some very special haunted items!

Special thanks to Skwishie, Taxess, and others for coming up with ideas

Now get out there and dig some dirt!

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