March Mining Madness 3 – Witch Hut!

March Mining Madness is back this year! The first edition Cracked the Nether to build a Wither farm. Last year we Wrecked the End to set up a special landing site.

This year we’re draining a swamp to build a new Witch Hut Farm!

The Rewards

For the month of March, players will receive 4x mining XP for mining stone. While we prefer if you assist with the main dig site, stone mined anywhere in the world will count. A great time to use the SkillSwap to let your mining levels apply to other skills!

Players who mine at least 150,000 stone over the month will earn a unique netherrite pickaxe – “StoneBreaker“. StoneBreaker will have:

  • Efficiency 7
  • Unbreakable
  • Silk Touch
  • SoulBind (if you die with it in your inventory, it will be in your inventory when you respawn)

The Dig

The main dig site will be a wide area around a witch hut not far from spawn. There will be a warp point provided at spawn to take players to the dig site for easy transit.

Note that you do not need to dig at the dig site to gain the bonus XP or rewards, but it is greatly encouraged!

The Results

The event has ended! These are the top performers:

  • VeraDra: 767,053
  • aegisjester: 530535
  • GoatStriptease: 441383
  • Nephrium: 312572
  • Fluffie243: 297593
  • Nargle: 242717
  • Realancer01: 201847
  • BoziChamiaMindor: 173291
  • Ernestas_Gr: 165758
  • Icuko: 161611
  • DarkMizari: 156128
  • KittleApps: 155815

The Stonebreaker will be distributed to everyone later in April. Stay tuned for the next event!

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