mcMMO SkillSwap

The mcMMO SkillSwap is a new service that applies to your overall mcMMO skills. Using SkillSwap will let you transfer some of your mcMMO XP from one skill to another.

How It Works

If you meet the necessary conditions, you can swap 500 levels of one skill in exchange for 200 levels of another. This means if you do tons of mining but hate fishing, you can swap out 500 of your mining levels to increase your fishing perks.

Conditions For SkillSwap

To use SkillSwap, you must:

  • Have an overall PowerLevel of at least 2500 (the total of all your mcMMO levels added together)
  • Levels can only be transferred from skills from over 1000 to skills under 1000
  • You cannot transfer levels from Acrobatics, Taming, or Fishing (but you can transfer TO these skills)
  • You must have a mining level of at least 1700 to transfer mining levels elsewhere

This means if you have Level 500 mining, you can’t just swap it for 200 levels of Archery – your swapped skill must be at least level 1000. You also can’t use SkillSwap to increase your Repair skill from 1200 to 1400 – you can only use it to level up to a maximum of 1000.

If you have sufficient levels, you can activate SkillSwap by sending a request using the form below, or by asking a server operator who is online. Happy mining!

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