Server Reset!

The rumors are true, we’re doing a major server reset! A whole new World, Nether, End, and Ether are coming soon!

The current world will not be removed, but at the end of August, you will no longer be able to build.

The rules for the reset are:

  • Current world, nether, end, and ether are split off with their own separate inventory/enderchests.
  • New world, nether, and end are set up immediately as the “default world”, with players able to warp between them
  • “World Set-Up Event” takes place for the month of August. No inventory or equipment can be taken to the new world during that time (kits are OK)
  • We will take a snapshot of MCMMO levels and post to website, otherwise these will also be reset
  • After August, the current world’s build permissions will be removed.
  • In-game currency “BoonDollars” will be introduced, earned as MCMMO drops from mining and excavation, as well as added to loot tables for dungeons/underwater ruins
  • Custom villagers will be added to spawn that trade sponges for BoonDollars. Other rare/non-farmable goods will be added in the future at various prices
  • Users can also pay for a “build transplant service” with BoonDollars – paying a large amount for a member of staff to transplant a build from the old world into the new one. Transplanted builds will have their chest contents and item frames cleared first, and price will be based on the total number of blocks transplanted.
  • Users will not be able to bring any inventory or equipment from the old world to the new one out-of-the-gate. An Item Transplant Service will also be available for BoonDollars (prices depending on item to be transferred)
  • At this time, no “wasteland” world. Maybe in the future for events, but not out of the gate.
  • After the EnderDragon is slain, the center end island will be removed by worldedit and the last build contest winner’s build and bridges will be implemented. The end city outer ring will not be transplanted (unless someone pays for it with BoonDollars)

Here’s the final snapshot of the MCMMO rankings from the old world!

You will receive Boondollars for every MCMMO level you had in the old world. They are being distributed via the Mailboxes at the new spawn. If your name is highlighted below, your Boondollars are in your mailbox. If not you’ll need to set up a mailbox at spawn and let staff know.

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