March Madness 2.0 – Phase 1 – End Island Removal

The Dig

March Mining Madness is back this year, watch your step as we remove the entire end island!

Players who mine out 100,000+ end stone will earn the “EnderWrecker”.

Players who mine 500,000 end stone will earn a special mystery gift, and players who mine 1,000,000 or are in the top 5 overall will win an even better mystery gift!

Additional Information

Event will span from 01/03/2020 to 31/03/2020 with a possibility to extend or shorten depending on progress made. Thank you everyone for participating in these monthly events and I hope to see you out there in the void!

…well not in the void, just above it. =)

Phase 2 of this project will be an End Hub build next month.

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