Skyblock Redux – Beta Test!

Skyblock is coming back – with a vengeance! The server is currently looking for beta testers for a whole new generation of Skyblock!

If you’ve undertaken MinecraftLover’s Skyblock Challenge before, this new version has some very important differences.

  • The Skyblock Merchant. The new Skyblock has a merchant at the “Skyblock Spawn”, which will trade some hard-to-obtain items for impossible-to-obtain items. This mechanic leverages the Boondollars we implemented instead of the previous “grind MCMMO fishing” mechanic from the old skyblock.
  • Only 1 island. You can still play co-op, but you and your partner will start on a single island with only that island’s resources.
  • Randomized Biomes. Previous versions of skyblock started with 2 islands, each in a specific biome with a “river” between them. This new version of skyblock is completely random of what biome you will start in.
  • MCMMO Revamp. We previously added a ton of stuff to “Fishing Treasures” in MCMMO to achieve some of the more advanced rewards from Skyblock. All of the extra stuff from fishing has been removed (no more dirt, sand, iron, ect), which will be replaced with interactions with the Skyblock Merchant(s). This means that sitting around with a fishing rod for hours on end is not as essential as it used to be (although it is still one method of achieving some of the goals).

We are currently seeking beta-testers for this new version. The previous version of Skyblock had 3 tiers of rewards:

  • Access to Skylands (basic level)
  • Sky Boots (advanced level)
  • Sky Rod (expert level)

The Sky Boots and Sky Rod kits have been removed. While we currently do not have a Skylands dimension, participants of the Beta Test will skip the first requirements once the full version of Skyblock is released as a reward for participation. We are currently testing several potential replacements for Skylands, and the exact requirements for the Advanced, Expert, and new Master level, along with the rewards for each, will be determined based on the feedback of this beta test.

The Beta will last through the month of June 2021. The task of the beta testers is to accomplish as much as you can on your skyblock during that time – this will be the benchmark used for the Skyblock Challenges going forward (both in adjustments of difficulty and the potential rewards).

At the end of the beta-test, the vote rewards will also be adjusted. The voting rewards have always been designed to serve as both a boost to Skyblock players and everyone in the regular world – the next update will likely involve pushing more Boondollars into vote rewards, and more merchants to trade sweet loot for them in both worlds!

If you want to participate, ping aegisjester on Discord and/or post a message in server support! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone can do!