January/February Build Contest – Welcome Center!

The next build contest is an important one – a new Welcome Center!


This is the first Build Contest with NO SIZE RESTRICTION – build as much as you see fit! We also have a bigger build window, lasting from January 4, 2019 through January 31. Voting will begin on February 1.

The winning build will be a new Welcome Center – this will be the first place new users will find themselves when logging in. The welcome center must include:

  • A “Spawn Area”, the first thing players see when signing in
  • An easy-to-find place for rules
  • An easy-to-find warp area, taking players back to the regular Spawn Town
  • An Armory, where other players can donate some starter food and gear
  • A “History Room”, which we will use to spell out some of the server history
  • This building must be floating in the air – it cannot touch the ground

All Builds Will Be Put To Use!

Every submission for this Build Contest will be put to use, so don’t worry about wasting time on a losing entry! While the winning entry will be for the new players, the runner-up entries will be used as part of the spawn areas in some other new dimensions we are adding to the server! This includes:

  • Skyblock Spawn Point
  • Ether Dimension (Skylands) Spawn area
  • …and others!


The winning entry will have their build become the new Welcome Center, but also wins:

  • 2 shulker boxes of Gunpowder
  • A bow with Mending, Infinity, Power 5, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbreaking 3, and Looting 3
  • A Diamond Axe with Sharpness 5, Efficiency 5, Looting 3, Unbreaking 3, and Mending
  • 500 MCMMO levels added to the skill of their choice

What fantastic rewards! Better get building!

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