Skyblock Challenge

After a year of hiatus, the Skyblock Challenge is back! For those who have never seen a Skyblock before, check the image above – you start on a tiny island floating in the void, and need to make the most of your limited resources to build out, completing several objectives.

The Rules

You can access Skyblock from a warp at spawn. Your inventory will be separate in the Skyblock world, so you can’t bring in any outside items. From the skyblock lobby, you will grab a ‘block of your own – just label it with a sign.

Your MCMMO skills from the regular world DO carry over into Skyblock – so you have a major incentive to improve!

To complete the Skyblock challenge, you will need to:

  • Expand your island to at least 25×25
  • Build an automatic cobblestone generator
  • Build a house, with walls that are at least 50% stone bricks, that is at least 10×10, with 2 floors, a bedroom, an item storage room, and a kitchen
  • Your kitchen must include a furnace, crafting table, and chest with at least 3 types of cooked food
  • Craft a set of dyed leather armor

Single Player vs Co-Op

Each “Skyblock” has two islands floating near each other. You have the option of completing your Skyblock either individually (you can connect the two islands and use both sets of resources) or with one other player (you will each start on a separate island, and can build out to connect). Choosing either path doesn’t change the rewards, but you can only gain support from your Co-Op partner. You must complete the challenge without any outside help from other players.


Completing the Skyblock Challenge will grant you one extra /home, and access to the Ether dimension – a new world based on Skylands where you can build some really epic stuff! 

Advanced Skyblock Challenge

For those of you who want more of a challenge, we also have an Advanced Skyblock Challenge available. This requires a lot more time and luck to complete, as well as high levels for your MCMMO skills.

To complete the Advanced Skyblock Challenge, in addition to the base challenge you will also need to:

  • Build a Brewery and cure 2 villagers
  • Build homes for your two villagers so they can breed themselves
  • Your kitchen must also include a cauldron and brewing stand
  • And you must bake a cake


Completing the Advanced Skyblock Challenge earns you a unique Unbreakable pair of chain boots with Feather Falling 5, Protection 5, Fire Resist 5, and Depth Strider 3. You also get an Unbreakable fishing rod, with Lure 5 and Luck of the Sea 8. They can be obtained via the command ‘/kit skyblock’. Both rewards are renewable once per month, even if you then lost in lava or the void.

Expert Skyblock Challenge

If you’re still too good even for the Advanced challenge, see if you can beat the Expert mission! To complete Expert Skyblock, you need to have finished Advanced, plus:

  • Build a zoo featuring the following critters:
    • A witch with a name starting with “S”
    • A skeleton with a name starting with “G”
    • A zombie pigman with a name starting with “Q”
    • A zombie with diamond armor with a name starting with “Z”
    • A villager with a named “Erik”
    • 2 other critters of your choice
  • A fully-powered beacon
  • Connect your skyblock to any other ‘block that has completed the Advanced challenge
  • Complete a map wall fully showing the route from your base to the base you connected to


Completing the Expert Skyblock Challenge will win you a set of Unbreakable Elytra with Thorns 3 and a Bow with Looting 3, Mending, Infinity, Power 4, Punch 1, and Flame. They can be obtained via the command ‘/kit skyward’ and are only renewable once a month even if lost. 


Completing the skyblock challenge can be frustrating. You will need redstone and sugar, which are dropped by Witches, and Iron, which is dropped by Zombies. You will also need animals – expand out your island (without destroying all the grass!), and get a nice, large grassy area, and some animals will eventually spawn.

Unique to this server, you can use MCMMO to obtain other important resources:

  • Dirt, Sand, and Clay can be obtained as Common Loot through the Fishing MCMMO skill
  • Blaze Rods and Nether Wart can be obtained as Rare Loot through the Fishing MCMMO skill
  • Witches will rarely drop a brown mushroom

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