Skyblock Redux – Beta Test!

Skyblock is coming back – with a vengeance! The server is currently looking for beta testers for a whole new generation of Skyblock!

If you’ve undertaken MinecraftLover’s Skyblock Challenge before, this new version has some very important differences.

  • The Skyblock Merchant. The new Skyblock has a merchant at the “Skyblock Spawn”, which will trade some hard-to-obtain items for impossible-to-obtain items. This mechanic leverages the Boondollars we implemented instead of the previous “grind MCMMO fishing” mechanic from the old skyblock.
  • Only 1 island. You can still play co-op, but you and your partner will start on a single island with only that island’s resources.
  • Randomized Biomes. Previous versions of skyblock started with 2 islands, each in a specific biome with a “river” between them. This new version of skyblock is completely random of what biome you will start in.
  • MCMMO Revamp. We previously added a ton of stuff to “Fishing Treasures” in MCMMO to achieve some of the more advanced rewards from Skyblock. All of the extra stuff from fishing has been removed (no more dirt, sand, iron, ect), which will be replaced with interactions with the Skyblock Merchant(s). This means that sitting around with a fishing rod for hours on end is not as essential as it used to be (although it is still one method of achieving some of the goals).

We are currently seeking beta-testers for this new version. The previous version of Skyblock had 3 tiers of rewards:

  • Access to Skylands (basic level)
  • Sky Boots (advanced level)
  • Sky Rod (expert level)

The Sky Boots and Sky Rod kits have been removed. While we currently do not have a Skylands dimension, participants of the Beta Test will skip the first requirements once the full version of Skyblock is released as a reward for participation. We are currently testing several potential replacements for Skylands, and the exact requirements for the Advanced, Expert, and new Master level, along with the rewards for each, will be determined based on the feedback of this beta test.

The Beta will last through the month of June 2021. The task of the beta testers is to accomplish as much as you can on your skyblock during that time – this will be the benchmark used for the Skyblock Challenges going forward (both in adjustments of difficulty and the potential rewards).

At the end of the beta-test, the vote rewards will also be adjusted. The voting rewards have always been designed to serve as both a boost to Skyblock players and everyone in the regular world – the next update will likely involve pushing more Boondollars into vote rewards, and more merchants to trade sweet loot for them in both worlds!

If you want to participate, ping aegisjester on Discord and/or post a message in server support! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone can do!

Back To Basics

Its plugin update time – and this time back to basics!

We have spent the last several months testing out a new MineTinker plugin – but after gathering user feedback, we have elected to turn back to vanilla.

While the straightforward crafting customizations and equipment XP was a fun change, at the end of the day we believed it added an unnecessary learning curve before really jumping into what minecraft is all about.

Your MineTinker equipment should still function, but its custom enchantments will no longer play a role.

Happy mining!

March Mining Madness 3 – Witch Hut!

March Mining Madness is back this year! The first edition Cracked the Nether to build a Wither farm. Last year we Wrecked the End to set up a special landing site.

This year we’re draining a swamp to build a new Witch Hut Farm!

The Rewards

For the month of March, players will receive 4x mining XP for mining stone. While we prefer if you assist with the main dig site, stone mined anywhere in the world will count. A great time to use the SkillSwap to let your mining levels apply to other skills!

Players who mine at least 150,000 stone over the month will earn a unique netherrite pickaxe – “StoneBreaker“. StoneBreaker will have:

  • Efficiency 7
  • Unbreakable
  • Silk Touch
  • SoulBind (if you die with it in your inventory, it will be in your inventory when you respawn)

The Dig

The main dig site will be a wide area around a witch hut not far from spawn. There will be a warp point provided at spawn to take players to the dig site for easy transit.

Note that you do not need to dig at the dig site to gain the bonus XP or rewards, but it is greatly encouraged!

The Results

The event has ended! These are the top performers:

  • VeraDra: 767,053
  • aegisjester: 530535
  • GoatStriptease: 441383
  • Nephrium: 312572
  • Fluffie243: 297593
  • Nargle: 242717
  • Realancer01: 201847
  • BoziChamiaMindor: 173291
  • Ernestas_Gr: 165758
  • Icuko: 161611
  • DarkMizari: 156128
  • KittleApps: 155815

The Stonebreaker will be distributed to everyone later in April. Stay tuned for the next event!

Server Reset!

The rumors are true, we’re doing a major server reset! A whole new World, Nether, End, and Ether are coming soon!

The current world will not be removed, but at the end of August, you will no longer be able to build.

The rules for the reset are:

  • Current world, nether, end, and ether are split off with their own separate inventory/enderchests.
  • New world, nether, and end are set up immediately as the “default world”, with players able to warp between them
  • “World Set-Up Event” takes place for the month of August. No inventory or equipment can be taken to the new world during that time (kits are OK)
  • We will take a snapshot of MCMMO levels and post to website, otherwise these will also be reset
  • After August, the current world’s build permissions will be removed.
  • In-game currency “BoonDollars” will be introduced, earned as MCMMO drops from mining and excavation, as well as added to loot tables for dungeons/underwater ruins
  • Custom villagers will be added to spawn that trade sponges for BoonDollars. Other rare/non-farmable goods will be added in the future at various prices
  • Users can also pay for a “build transplant service” with BoonDollars – paying a large amount for a member of staff to transplant a build from the old world into the new one. Transplanted builds will have their chest contents and item frames cleared first, and price will be based on the total number of blocks transplanted.
  • Users will not be able to bring any inventory or equipment from the old world to the new one out-of-the-gate. An Item Transplant Service will also be available for BoonDollars (prices depending on item to be transferred)
  • At this time, no “wasteland” world. Maybe in the future for events, but not out of the gate.
  • After the EnderDragon is slain, the center end island will be removed by worldedit and the last build contest winner’s build and bridges will be implemented. The end city outer ring will not be transplanted (unless someone pays for it with BoonDollars)

Here’s the final snapshot of the MCMMO rankings from the old world!

You will receive Boondollars for every MCMMO level you had in the old world. They are being distributed via the Mailboxes at the new spawn. If your name is highlighted below, your Boondollars are in your mailbox. If not you’ll need to set up a mailbox at spawn and let staff know.

Mother’s Day 2020 Collect-A-Thon!

Mother’s day is here, which means it is time to collect a floral bouquet as a lovely gift!

From now through May 31, players who collect a stack of each flower to earn a floral crown!

Collect 1 stack each of the following flowers:

  • Dandelion
  • Poppy
  • Blue Orchid
  • Allium
  • Lilac
  • Rose
  • Peony
  • Oxeye Daisy
  • Azure Bluet
  • Sunflower
  • Cornflower
  • Red Tulip
  • White Tulip
  • Pink Tulip
  • Orange Tulip
  • Lily of the Valley


Every player that collects a stack of each of these flowers will receive a Floral Crown – an unbreakable chain helmet with the following enchantments:

  • Protection 5
  • Fire Protection 4
  • Blast Protection 4
  • Respiration 3
  • Aqua Affinity

Happy hunting!

1.15 Update

We just updated to 1.15.1 – so get out there to find a Flower Forest and let the beekeeping begin!

Players who have completed the first level of Skyblock will have a much easier time – the entire Ether is one giant flower forest. We look forward to seeing some sweet uses of honey!

New Spawn

New Spawn!

Spawn had a rough transition from 1.13 to 1.14, with a lot of shops getting destroyed. To celebrate the final transition to 1.14.2, we are packing up and moving away!

The new spawn is northwest of the old one, on a large continent of forests and plains. As part of the transition, you can have your old shop moved to the new spawn – just tell us where the old one is and where the new one should go!

You can find the backup of spawn before the 1.14 transition at /warp backup, or to the more recent version at /warp oldspawn to find your old build. Of course, we highly encourage you to build from scratch to celebrate the new city!

Note: you can only build 60 blocks away from the spawn point. Any close is reserved for public builds!

    Mother’s Day Event

    Mother’s Day is coming up, and what better gift than flowers?

    Until May 12, all players receive 5x Herbalism XP when collecting flowers! Better yet, we want to put together a beautiful bouquet on Mother’s Day, so get rewarded for doing your part!


    Collect 1 stack each of the following flowers:

    • Dandelion
    • Poppy
    • Blue Orchid
    • Allium
    • Lilac
    • Rose
    • Peony
    • Oxeye Daisy
    • Azure Bluet
    • Sunflower
    • Tulip
    • Cornflower


    Every player that collects a stack of each of these flowers will receive a Floral Crown – an unbreakable chain helmet with the following enchantments:

    • Protection 5
    • Fire Protection 4
    • Blast Protection 4
    • Respiration 3
    • Aqua Affinity

    Happy hunting!

    Vanilla Flavor Blast!

    1.14 is here, and we can’t want to jump in! For the next week, we’re getting back to the basics and giving pure vanilla gameplay. No plugins, no /back, just classic Minecraft!

    We will get the plugins back as soon as Spigot is stable, but in the meantime have fun connecting with your Minecraft roots!