New Year – New Portals

Portal Build Contest is now underway!

Pick any one of the portals surrounding the End island and get to designing!

Any style any build type, see the above for size restrictions or reference the portal pictured above in game.


  1. Portal block must be accessible via an enderpearl
  2. If you fully enclose, the entrance must be at least 2 blocks wide.
  3. Must be free floating, you can build temporary stairs to access for now.


  1. All who participate get 1 Shulker full of End goodies, including a Dragon head and some other fun items. (TBD)
  2. Wining design will be duplicated around all other portals and receive the following:
    1. Special Elytra with impossible enchants
    2. Shulker Spawn Eggs
    3. Personal End Portal Block

Contest runs from 1/16/2020 till 2/9/2020 Good Luck!

Oh yea, for all thoughts who do not like building, and are more of the explorer types….

You will find mining up End Bricks might be worth it for you.

Also Skulkers seem to be extra clumsy when you Shake them….

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