November Build Contest – Shop!

November is here, with everyone thinking of one big event- Black Friday!

To get ready for the holiday shopping season, we’re holding our next build contest – shops!

Players are asked to build a new shop, max size 15 blocks tall, deep, long, and wide for the building, plus 5 blocks tall, deep, long, and wide for landscaping on each side (so a total max size of 25 blocks).

ALL build entries will be moved to spawn as part of the new shopping district, so your shop also needs to be selling something!

We also have more in store for the winner:

Prizes: The winning builder (by popular vote) will receive

  • 32 Diamond Blocks
  • 64 Emerald Blocks
  • 1 Beacon
  • Iron Pickaxe with Fortune 5
  • Diamond Axe with Efficiency 7 and Unbreaking 5


Entries are due November 16, 2018! Post your coordinates here or on the forums to enter.

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