MinecraftLovers Holiday Party!

Its the end of the year, and time to party! Join us in celebrating the holidays through the end of the year and brew up some fun!

For the duration of the event, you will earn double MCMMO Alchemy XP.

Festive Potions

To help get things brewing, and get everyone in the holiday spirit, new festive potions have been added too! Note: If you brew these custom potions, the progress bar in the brewing stand WILL NOT MOVE – but the potions are still brewing (just give it a few seconds to complete)!

Spiked Eggnog

A holiday classic! A hearty glass of Spiked ‘Nog will give you Haste 2, Speed 2, Fire Resistance, and Glowing effects for 5 minutes! To brew your own bottles of Spiked Eggnog, you will need:

  • Start with an Awkward Potion (Water Bottle + Nether Wart)
  • Create a Milky Base (Awkward Potion + Milk Bucket)
  • Mix up the Eggnog (Milky Base + Egg)
  • Spike the drink to keep things interesting (Eggnog + Fermented Spider Eye)

Take a hearty drink and enjoy!

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is another holiday classic. This warm, refined drink will make you feel invincible, giving you 2 extra hearts through Absorbtion, plus Health Boost and Damage Resistance for 5 minutes! To brew up some Mulled Wine, you will need:

  • Start with an Awkward Potion (Water Bottle + Nether Wart)
  • Add some fruit to make some juice (Water Bottle + Chorus Fruit)
  • Ferment your juice to get some wine (Chorus Juice + Fermented Spider Eye)
  • Add some spicy orange to mull the flavor (Chorus Wine + Magma Creme)

Take a sip and celebrate the holidays!

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