What’s this? Spawn is now open?

You betcha!

Important things to note.

1. ONE Shop per person (not Alts per person).

2. Build only in marked areas with “Open Shop” signs.

3. Please only build 1-2 blocks out into the streets, and be courteous of the fellow shops around you (flat walls on lower levels next to other plots is preferred.

4. Max build height of 26 blocks tall and 16 blocks below ground.

5. Must fit a Medieval or High Fantasy style HOWEVER shops built in the 4 outposts and outside city gates can be any style you wish.
6. You must keep shops stocked at least 1 time per month. If you do not stock your shops or you become inactive and there are no free plots left. Your shop will be forfeit and will become open for other players.

7. If you don’t believe your shop will be active much or you don’t plan sell items others would want to buy. Please select a plot off the main streets.

8. If you have ideas for no shop builds you would like to make in place of a shop, please send me a message by typing /mail send Slice0024 <MESSAGE>

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